6 Best Add-ons For MYOB Advanced

 6 Best Add-ons MYOB Advanced

Are you using MYOB Advanced for your business operations? Do you want to enhance its functionality with the help of add-ons? MYOB Advanced is a complete ERP solution but its functionality can be further enhanced with certain add-ons.

These add-ons will help in improving the productivity of your employees and help them make faster and more informed decisions. Here is a list of the best add-ons for MYOB Advanced.


If you are searching for an add-on to automate your accounts payable function, this is the add-on you should consider. It’s an artificial intelligence-driven platform that helps in eliminating manual data entry.

It is extremely good at spotting payment errors as well as highlighting fraud. You also get access to risk insights which helps you make better decisions with the help of advanced digital risk analysis tools.

2). EzyCollect

This is an add-on that has been designed for the efficient management of debtors. Many businesses struggle with collecting overdue invoices and this add-on can go a long way in making that process more efficient by automating various accounts receivable functions. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to set it up and sync it.

It offers a number of exciting features including the ability to completely automate and schedule all your collection activities. You can also schedule it to send persistent reminders to your customers. Faster collections mean better cash management and that should lead to a better bottom line.

 6 Best Add-ons MYOB Advanced

3).Working Capital Solutions For MYOB

This add-on is by the Dataline Group. It is an accounts payable solution that is designed to help you save money by better managing your accounts payable processes. It will help you with automating your invoices which should result in faster invoice approvals. You will get an opportunity to choose the invoices that should be paid early to get a discount.

You can also choose particular suppliers to get a discount for early payment by sending an email. In short, this add-on is designed for complete optimisation of the accounts payable processing. You will not only have complete visibility of the liabilities of your business but you’ll also have a lot more control of your working capital.

4). Opmetrix

This add-on is designed for a high performing sales team. It allows the employees to streamline the workflow and communicate better. With the help of this tool, the sales team will be able to optimise data collection and enhance their field performance. It is an excellent way to give a competitive edge to your sales team by keeping the managers up to date on the happenings in the field.

5). WorkBench

This add-on is focused on helping project-based businesses such as those involved in the building and construction industries. It comes equipped with an advanced job costing system and there is also the option of adding on more modules to get additional functionality such as plant management, document control, expense claims, costing and estimating as well as client and subcontract management, among others.

All the transactions that are entered into this add-on also update the MYOB financial ledgers. It is a mature product that is widely used by a diverse range of project-based businesses.

 6 Best Add-ons MYOB Advanced

6). NetStock

This add-on helps in optimising inventory in order to minimise running out of stock and reduce excess inventory. It will also allow you to place quicker orders for products. The intuitive user interface helps you keep track of inventory levels as well as minimising the chances of running out of stock.

It will help make your ordering process more efficient and save money by eliminating the need to carry excess inventory. You can also use it to generate an exceptions list to identify the worst offenders in various categories.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP solution that is used by thousands of businesses in Australia and New Zealand for managing their businesses. 

While this software offers almost everything you need for managing your business, the add-ons mentioned above as well as other add-ons available on the MYOB marketplace allow you to further enhance the functionality of this solution. 

Check out the above-mentioned add-ons to learn more about their functionality and how these can help you with your business.

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