Automating Your Business Processes With MYOB Advanced

Automating Business Processes MYOB Advanced

Automating business processes is the way to go, especially if your company deals with a lot of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Leveraging the power of ERP software systems and technologies allows employees to spend more time doing more meaningful and productive tasks that contribute to the growth of the company. By investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning Software like MYOB Advanced, you can actually reduce the overall cost of running your business.

MYOB Advanced is a state-of-the-art ERP software solution that allows companies to automate a wide variety of business processes and operations. The benefits of having a fully-integrated and dedicated ERP system far outweigh having multiple solutions to manage core business processes.

Streamlining of business processes, reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and consolidated data for easier reporting and sharing of data between departments are some key benefits of investing in a turnkey ERP software solution like MYOB Advanced.

Benefits of Using MYOB Advanced for Business Process Automation

Undertaking business process automation using MYOB Advanced leads to improved productivity and cohesion in the workplace. The ERP solution introduces business operation rules that help a company to be more streamlined and efficient.

MYOB Advanced minimises the need for employees to handle data across multiple systems as all the data can be found in one central cloud database. Information only needs to be uploaded to the database, and the software then handles the appropriate use and sharing of information across different departments and hierarchies in the company. 

Automating Business Processes MYOB Advanced

1). All-In-One ERP Solution

Because MYOB Advanced includes all core business processes integrated into one system, companies will find that they can unsubscribe or delist from many other software products that they rely on to process information and automate individual tasks. Information migration between systems is possible through imports, and for more complex migrations, MYOB Advanced provides a comprehensive API that allows system managers to create highly-sophisticated data migration tools.

2). Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Automating business processes with MYOB Advanced creates a live database that can be monitored in real-time. This means that you always have a single source of accurate and factual information in your company. This helps to improve the data accuracy and reporting capabilities of different departments. MYOB Advanced reporting features allow a company to customise reports to meet their specific reporting needs. Since the reports are generated from the system in real-time, it offers accurate and speedy insights to relevant employees and managers.

3). Improves Communication

MYOB Advanced improves communication across departments and roles, thus improving visibility and productivity within the business. A good example is a human resource portal that handles employee leave applications. If the HR department were to manage employee leaves manually, there would be significant delays in processing leave applications and an increased possibility of errors and mistakes. Whereas, having a system that handles employee leave applications allows better communication between the HR department, management and the affected employee, whilst reducing the amount of work (paper applications/emails) involved in the leave application processes.


MYOB Advanced can eliminate repetitive business processes. Take a simple task like entering a sales order. When it’s time to invoice the sales order, MYOB Advanced will automatically transfer the information from the sales order directly to the new invoice at the click of a button. This eliminates the need for multiple manual data entries where employees may leave out crucial details, leading to misreporting. While this is just a simple example of how repetitive business processes can be automated using MYOB Advanced, there is no limit to what you can do with such an innovative ERP software solution.

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