Can You Integrate MYOB Advanced With Salesforce?

Can Integrate MYOB Advanced Salesforce

Are you using both MYOB Advanced and Salesforce in your company? Do you want to integrate these two systems? Are you aware of the advantages of integrating these two systems? 

MYOB advanced is the leading ERP solution in Australia and New Zealand. It is widely used by businesses of all sizes. Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM solution and offers a wealth of actionable data. However, these are two separate systems created by two separate companies which means they don’t talk to each other. Integrating these systems offers a variety of benefits for your company.

Benefits of Integrating MYOB Advanced and Salesforce

1). One of the biggest advantages of integration is that your sales team gets complete visibility of everything happening inside the company such as financial information, the progress of jobs, inventory levels, resources needed for the project, logistics, and other such things. It helps them close new business when they are armed with the right data.

2). Integration helps in avoiding double-entry which leads to fewer errors and delays. It might also help improve your cash flow with a more effective billing and sales process.

3). Integration also provides new actionable insights to the management by driving data from MYOB Advanced into Salesforce. Management teams can get actionable insights into individual customers which can be further enhanced by adding the ability to receive notifications based on set criteria.

4). It helps in enhancing data accuracy which saves time as customer data from the sales team is synced with MYOB Advanced, as and when an invoice is created.

How to Integrate MYOB Advanced with Salesforce?

Both these platforms offer APIs that can be used to securely connect and access the required data. However, it’s not as simple as pushing a few buttons to get the required data. Integration is a custom solution as each business is different and has its own unique requirements. In-house IT teams typically don’t have the necessary bandwidth, know-how, and experience required for error-free integration.

You need someone with existing experience, professional know-how, and proper resources for successful integration. Stratus Consulting Group specialises in MYOB Advanced solutions. We are an MYOB accredited partner and have more than 15 years of experience in implementing and supporting MYOB Enterprise Solutions. 

Can Integrate MYOB Advanced Salesforce

Here are a few reasons why you need a team of experts for proper Salesforce and MYOB Advanced integration:

1), Multiple Years of Experience

Here at Stratus Consulting Group, our team of experts has more than 15 years of experience in implementing MYOB Advanced. We have successfully completed hundreds of implementations.

2). Save Time

It has been observed that the integration projects take up a lot more time than expected, especially since every integration is a custom job. It often happens when the integration is driven by a team without proper experience and knowledge.

When you have experts who have done hundreds of such implementations, it saves time and time is money. The sooner the integration is completed, the earlier you can get access to actionable insights leading to more business.

3). Proper Support

One of the main reasons you should use a team of experts for such integration is the support you will need once the integration has been implemented. Big software solutions such as Salesforce and MYOB Advanced are regularly updated with new features. A team of experts can help you take advantage of these new features with continuous integration to provide more useful reports and data for your sales team and management.


MYOB Advanced can be integrated with Salesforce with the help of APIs. With that said, every integration is a custom job due to the unique requirements of each business. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work with integration and this is why you need a team of experts with years of experience in implementing such projects to ensure a smooth and timely integration.

If you are looking to implement MYOB Advanced in your business, then please get in touch with us at Stratus Group. At Stratus Group, our MYOB consultants do not just provide you with the software, we also provide expert knowledge and support. We will make sure that your MYOB software is implemented properly and will work with you directly at all times during the whole process to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

We also provide after-implementation support and assistance. Take your business to the next level. With the business world facing so many uncertainties, simplify and protect your processes.

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