Can I Upgrade From MYOB Exo To MYOB Advanced? 

Can Upgrade MYOB Exo MYOB Advanced

Is your business outgrowing your MYOB Exo accounting software? Congratulations, that means your business is growing and expanding. Now that your business is booming, it is time to upgrade and transition from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced

Transitioning from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced may seem like a daunting task. Imagine the amount of data that needs to be migrated and all the technical aspects that need to be taken care of. Don’t worry, the Stratus Group will help you every step of the way to make sure your business management systems are fully integrated. 

In fact, we will do the work for you. We have the full capability of moving your MYOB Exo platform to a complete cloud-based MYOB advanced platform. We will extract, transform, and load your data to ensure smooth and proper migration without losing vital data along the way.

Benefits Of Upgrading To MYOB Advanced

  • No more servers needed because everything will be stored in the Cloud.
  • Reduced IT managers and overheads.
  • It is future-proof. MYOB Advanced will grow with your business.
  • You can access your data in real-time, anywhere as your system will be housed in the Cloud. 
  • Complete streamlining of workflows.
  • Improve inventory management across all locations.
  • Complete CRM and General ledger management and control.
  • Full accounting support that can be customised and managed anywhere.

Can Upgrade MYOB Exo MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced Functionality

  • Cost tracking
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customisable reports
  • Simplified sales processing

Bank feeds with key features that allow you to monitor, control, and manage the following:

  • Sales order deposits
  • Supplier payments
  • Project stock management
  • Bank reconciliation

App-ready. This means you can connect to essential applications like:

  • SAP
  • Salesforce.com
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Marketing Automation
  • Contract creation
  • Client self-service portal
  • Order management
  • Invoicing, etc

Change is intimidating. If you are unsure of the move, the Stratus Group offers straight-forward monthly pricing and payments so there is no pressure to commit to a long term contract. 

Can Upgrade MYOB Exo MYOB Advanced

What We Offer

24/7 Support – The Stratus Group will not just deliver the MYOB Advanced software to your doorstep, we will assist you throughout the process and afterwards. We will work with you every step of the way during the migration process, educate and train your users, and be accessible 24/7 in case you need technical assistance. 

Expert Knowledge – At times when you are unsure about some functions and the use of the key features, our experts will step in to ensure that you are comfortable and confident using the software. Our team of experts will act as consultants so there is always someone you can call for help and assistance.

The Stratus Group is the most trusted MYOB accredited partner in Australia and New Zealand for over 15 years now. Let the industry’s leading partner help you navigate the intricacies of modern business. Let us help you conquer the market and beat the competition. 

Our products are compatible for all industries including Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Field Service, and Non-Profit. With today’s market starting to open and businesses getting back to normal, it is the best time to invest in MYOB software.

Protect your business and equip it with the right tools for better productivity and reduced costs. With the restrictions of the new normal. What better way to manage your complex business than through the Cloud. 

Call us today on 1300 499 000 or fill out our inquiry form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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