Can You Customise MYOB Advanced? 

Can You Customise MYOB Advanced

Are you searching for an advanced ERP solution for your business? Are you aware of the many advantages of MYOB Advanced? Did you know MYOB Advanced can be customised? MYOB advanced is the preferred ERP solution for thousands of businesses in Australia & New Zealand. 

Its standard configuration works fine for most businesses but you can take it to the next level with some advanced integrations and customisations. In fact, the flexible customisation option is one of the reasons many people business owners prefer this ERP solution as it allows them to tailor it to their own requirements.

Can You Customise MYOB Advanced?

Yes, MYOB Advanced can be easily customised. In fact, you can also customise the MYOB Advanced mobile app. There are a few ways to customise this ERP solution to suit your specific requirements.

Customisation through Integration

While MYOB Advanced features a huge number of functions, most businesses rely on several software systems for various parts of their business operations. For instance, many businesses rely on a separate inventory management system or a business intelligence system or a CRM system to take care of respective aspects of their business. 

MYOB Advanced shines here as various other solutions can be easily integrated with it to get actionable insights.

There are several add-ons available to enhance the functionality of MYOB Advanced. With API access, MYOB Advanced can be integrated into other solutions to create advanced reports. While some solutions are easy to integrate, you need the help of an expert team to truly benefit from more complex integrations with certain solutions such as Salesforce or an inventory management system.

Can You Customise MYOB Advanced

Screen and Report Customisation

If you want to customise certain fields in a particular module, it can be easily done. Similarly, you can set up a new report with the help of available customisation functions. Customising a form is also easy as there is a customisation function in each module that allows you to make changes and save those changes at the click of a few buttons.

Complex Customisations

While simple customisations do not take too much time, the system also offers advanced customisation options. More complex customisations require expertise in this software. Doing these customisations in-house isn’t recommended as making changes in a module without understanding its effect on other parts of the system can quickly lead to unintentional issues. This is why it is recommended to partner with an expert team in the implementation and customisation of MYOB Advanced to ensure customisation without any unintended problems.

Data Export

MYOB Advanced also allows you to export data into Excel. This data can then be further processed in Excel for creating new reports. It is extremely beneficial for the finance team in an organisation as they can use data from various modules to create complex reports. Live feed of the data from the system can be exported into Excel to create real-time reports and improve the operational efficiency of your business.

Choosing a Customisation Partner

Overall, MYOB Advanced is one of the most flexible and powerful platforms available for businesses of all sizes. What sets it apart from similar solutions is its advanced functionality, ease of use and available integration as well as customisation options. Customising a particular report or setting up a new report is rather easy and can be quickly performed by a trained in-house team. However, complex customisations or complex integrations are completely different things. For complex customisations, it is better to partner with an established team with extensive experience to ensure a stress-free experience.

Stratus Consulting Group is an MYOB accredited partner and has been implementing and supporting MYOB enterprise solutions for more than 15 years. We have extensive experience in customising and integrating MYOB Advanced with other solutions to help businesses get the most out of their investment. Whether you want to integrate MYOB Advanced with Salesforce or one of the other popular solutions, our team of expert consultants can help you get it done right the first time.

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