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Frequently Asked Questions

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1I'm ready to purchase my solution - What happens next?

Once you contact the Stratus team we will have an initial conversation with you to best determine your upfront requirements in terms of which modules you may require to best solve your business issues.

You will then have a further consultation and demonstration of the product.

During this consultation we will work with you to discuss and determine your detailed functional and workflow requirements. This will assist us to scope the implementation, training, hand over and support procedures specific for your business and provide a detailed proposal including investment required.

2How much can I expect to pay for MYOB Exo Business or MYOB Advanced?

As each and every business that installs either MYOB Exo Business (server based) or MYOB Advanced (cloud based) is different and has varied requirements and number of users there is not a set price for each installation.

We will be assisting you with your implementation and will develop an implementation plan with you that will detail the software and implementation investment required for you to get going with MYOB Exo Business or MYOB Advanced.

3What's involved in the implementation process?

The advantage of both the MYOB Exo Business system and the MYOB Advanced system is the extent to which they can be custom designed to meet the exact needs and processes of your business.

As businesses grow and become more complex, business processes evolve and become a key part of their competitive advantage. Working from the core functionality available in the software and in consultation with Stratus, you can configure your application workflows, interfaces and reports to create a truly unique system that encodes your key processes into your business system.

Stratus will work with you to implement the system from start to finish and our overall project involves:

  • Business Scoping and Solution Design
  • Project planning
  • Configuration of the system to your requirements
  • Data migration from your current system
  • Full user training for your team
  • User testing to ensure the new system is working as expected and all users are comfortable in what they need to do.
  • Go Live of the system and initial intensive support
  • Optimisation of the system on an ongoing basis
4How long does an implementation take?

Each and every implementation is different and takes a different amount of time from commencement to Go Live as each business has different workflows and processes that need to be considered and individual business requirements taken into consideration.

Working with Stratus, you should ensure you do not Go live until you are comfortable that all your requirements have been met and your workplace is trained on the system. Stratus has support plans in place to further assist you down the track should you need to amend the system in any way.

As a general guide, implementations usually take around 12 weeks on average, but this can range from 6-8 weeks right through to 9-12 months (in some rare cases).

5Can I upgrade from my existing software to MYOB Exo Business/MYOB Advanced?
MYOB Exo Business and MYOB Advanced are complete systems in their own right. Over the years we've developed migration tools to assist with the migration of your data from your old system. We've migrated countless accounting packages including MYOB AccountRight products, Quickbooks, Ostendo, SAP Business One and many more.
6Can I purchase the software from MYOB instead of a partner?
MYOB do not sell MYOB EXO Business or MYOB Advanced directly. As is common with most ERP solutions, the software is sold, implemented and supported by a dedicated network of approx. 30 partners throughout Australia. Stratus are accredited partners and affiliated across Australia.


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