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Field Service Management

Remote access for jobs and servicing

Jobs, resources and field staff in ONE system!

Our field-service solution gives you ONE source of truth for everything. Access in the office to schedule jobs and resources and push to field staff to track time, photos, checklists and sign-on-glass.

​No more whiteboards!
​Take the power back.

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Selecting the Right Field Service Solution

Designed specifically for businesses with staff on-the-go, TimeTrak Mobile gives your Service Coordinators an easy-to-use tool to manage field staff.

From the service coordinator direct to staff in the field, this nifty little product allows your users to keep accurate timesheets, bill time and materials used, as well as the ability to invoice the job while still on site, all from their mobile device.

TimeTrak Mobile is a versatile product that can be scaled to fit your business and will simplify the way you do business.

Streamline dispatching, reduce response times, and Minimise costs with the MYOB Advanced Field Service module that works with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting. With a 360-degree view of customer activities, improve the overall customer experience and elevate customer satisfaction to earn higher recurring revenues and gain a competitive advantage. All the applications are web-based and fully mobile which is ideal for your field workforce. Unlike other field services applications the user interface provides a seamless transition between applications because the MYOB Advanced Field Services Management is part of MYOB Advanced, not a bolt on application.

Stratus also implement other third party addon solutions for this industry and can assess your needs to recommend the right solution for your business.

Our team have worked with many different providers and know the benefits and pitfalls of each. We find that different solutions work best for certain environments and business types and it’s often hard to know until you are using them in real life and by then it may be too late. By working together to make the right selection it may save you MANY thousands of dollars and countless hours.


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