How Is MYOB Advanced Beneficial For Business Growth?

MYOB Advanced Beneficial Business Growth

MYOB Advanced is no doubt a powerful end to end business management tool that will set you up for big profits and success.vIt will help you meet your current operational needs and future-proof your company for future growth, gains, and expansions.

MYOB Advanced is a cloud Enterprise Resource Solution (ERP) that will provide you with everything you need and will need in the future to run, operate, and manage your business.

Think of it as an effective way to declutter and organise your business operations so you can manage your time better, have peace of mind and be successful all at the same time. Let’s take a look at the benefits of MYOB Advanced below:

Benefits Of MYOB For Business Growth

Efficient Financial Management and Payroll – It provides a highly organised, flexible, versatile, and highly functional General Legderstructure to tract costs, expenses, revenues, etc. It also features a single-touch payroll that manages attendance, leaves, overtime and other payroll elements. Other features include:

  • Intercompany Accounting
  • Goods and Services Taxation System
  • Business Activity Statements
  • Tax Management Reporting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Analytics, etc.

Business Intelligence and Reporting – this will allow you to customise and design standard reports, and view generic and specific data through a user-friendly dashboard. The reporting system integrates Microsoft applications and other reporting tools.

Project Accounting – MYOB Advanced will allow you and your top-level management to manage projects easily and accurately through company-wide financial reporting, project-specific budgeting, timesheets, inventory, profitability, billing, and reporting. 

Field Servies – You have a complete one-stop solution for all field services conducted by different teams and departments. The system will allow the creation of job tickets, services tickets, schedule resources, issue invoices, track and optimise routes, etc.

You can check your client’s service requests, warranties and service schedules anywhere and everywhere. MYOB Advanced is accessible through any device, be it mobile, computers, and other gadgets. 

Customer Relations Management – It is easier to keep in touch and nurture customer relationships because you are provided with a wide array of tools to manage your pipelines, keep track of customer information, automate marketing, updates, and scheduled communication. This will make customer analysis and reporting very convenient.

Distribution System and Management MYOB Advanced will help you manage the complex requirements and schedules deliveries, purchases, stock returns and turnovers, order fulfilment and logistics. This is a complex operation which is made easy with the MYOB advanced option.

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Manufacturing System – This will allow you to manage seamless production workflows that will be easily aligned with finance and distribution. Other features will include:

  • Bill of materials
  • Scheduling
  • Routing
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Finished product and inventory, and many others

The MYOB Advanced system software was designed with a sole purpose in mind – complete business control at all times. You get everything you need into one solution including

  • BIN numbers
  • Colour, size, style matrix
  • Easy calculations of landed costs
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration
  • Easy transfer process
  • Forecasted purchase orders
  • Fully integrated into sales for pricing and inventory
  • Import / Export
  • Third-party logistics integration
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Unlimited stock locations
  • Scanning and barcoding

The MYOB Advanced software is designed to equip you with all the resources you need in one software program so you can make the right business decisions and moves.

This will give you the flexibility and the ability to go where you need to be without losing access to important business data. Business monitoring has never been this easy. 

Being able to see all important data will give a better understanding of what is working and what needs to be changed or improved.

By using MYOB Advanced, you are privy to the most important information on your business operations without needing too many heads on the table. You save both time and money

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