How To Customise An Invoice Template In MYOB Exo

How Customise Invoice Template MYOB Exo

Invoicing is an important business process. It is not just a tool for generating receivables, it is another form of client communication.

When your invoices are customised, it makes your clients feel important, acknowledged, and secure. It is also a record-keeping tool, a paper trail that helps with reconciling the books.

Customising your invoices can expedite your cash flow, reduce bookkeeping processes, and reinforce your brand. 

For most business professionals, we rely on our MYOB software so much, we do not take time to explore the customisation options like personalising invoices. This is completely understandable.

For those that use MYOB Exo, they do so to make things easier so you can focus on the important tasks like running the business and getting more clients. However, as we mentioned, customising invoices will benefit your business and strengthen your customer relationships. 

By default, the company details you have provided in the company information setup will automatically appear on your invoice however, you can add your logo to reinforce your brand and personalise customer details, transaction information, how to pay, etc.

Easy Steps To Customise An Invoice Template In MYOB Exo

1). Click on the “Setup” button. Click on “Customise Forms.”

2). When the Customise Forms appear, click on “Invoices.”

3). A list of invoice types will appear. Choose the type of invoice you want to modify and then click on “Customise.”

4). Customise the form as needed. You can do the following and more:

  • Add a logo, a picture, letterhead, etc.
  • Set margins, orientation, and page size.
  • Add or edit the text fields to update or add content and details.
  • Add or edit a table.
  • Customise or edit the page background.
  • Align, arrange, copy, cut, delete, and paste form elements.

5). Preview the customised invoice by clicking on the “Print Preview’ button.

6). Click on the “Save” button on the upper left corner. 

7). Name the custom template per client for easy access.

Add Your Bank Details for Direct Deposit

  • Follow steps 1 to 3 above. 
  • Click the “Text Box” in the toolbar.
  • Find a spot where it is appropriate to place your banking details on the invoice. Drag a box that is large enough to include the payment details and instructions.
  • Double click on the text box and type your payment instructions, including the bank details.
  • Resize or format the text box, the font and colour by the “Customise” tab.
  • When you are done, preview the document using the “Print Preview” tab.
  • Save when done.

Add Payment Terms or Installment Details

  • Follow steps 1 to 3 above.
  • Click on “Fields.”
  • On the “Insert Fields,” click on the “Data Fields.”
  • Select “Terms,” and choose a display option, and click “OK.”
  • Move by dragging the data field to the right area. 
  • Preview the form using the “Print Preview” tab and check for errors.
  • Click on “save.”

Feel free to explore your MYOB Exo software, you will be surprised at the various ways you can customise and personalise your documents and forms. 

MYOB Exo does more than let you customise invoices, it gives you better control of your business and lightens your load.

Other Reasons MYOB Exo is Good for Your Business:

  • Flexible and detailed reporting.
  • You can have all your important business data in one place.
  • Customised security.
  • It is a system designed to help your business grow and succeed.
  • Powerful accounting systems.
  • You can access it anywhere.
  • Your data, processes, and systems are secured.
  • A future-proof investment.
  • It can be personalised for your business model.
  • It can work for a multi-company structure.
  • It has network integration for multiple locations across the globe.

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