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How Get Most Of MYOB Exo ledger

MYOB Exo is a great accounting ERP software that can help run your business smoothly and maximise your profits. While we are sure you and your employees know your way around the system, there are more ways to upskill and improve your efficiency in your daily use of the software.

Did you know that there are ways and utilities that can save you time, reduce mistakes, and resolve as much as 80% of common errors reported to support? Let us show you how.

GL Batch No

Under the ‘Debtor or Creditor Account’ details, click on the ‘Transactions’ tab and enable ‘GL Batch No.’ This will show you all the transactions posted through the general ledger.

This should help you find and trace transactions when you are reconciling your books with your bank statement. This feature is a great tool in the MYOB Exo software that is not often used.

This can save you time and a lot of headaches because it gives you access to what you need in balancing and reconciling your accounts.

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If you are having trouble with your files due to power loss, corruption, or glitches in the system, the Network.exe utility will reconnect you back to them. 

Data loss and corruption is a common issue in any software or application. You should familiarise yourself or make sure that your MYOB Exo admin knows how to take advantage of this utility.

Idle Session Timeout Period

This feature is important to avoid unauthorised personnel access to specific functions of the software. You can configure the Idle Session Timeout Period in minutes by changing the settings in your User Profile section. You can set different timeouts for different users. 

There are important financial information and functions that you may want to keep from general access. Setting the idle session timeout period will help keep sensitive financial information safe and secure. 

File Reindex

This is another utility that can reconnect you to different files in several key databases. Sometimes the links between the files can become ‘confused’ which can contribute to problems occurring in the software such as errors.

Running a File Reindex resets the links between these files. Files get confused when the system or a certain folder gets corrupted. System glitches can cause files to be displaced or lost. File reindexing helps you find files and reorganise them.

ExoGrids Custom Filters

If you want to select specific data you are looking for or you want to see, you can use your Custom Filters in Exo by going to the Job Management section. Right-click on the title bar and select Custom Filter. Click on Set Filter > Options, and select New. Enter the field name and click OK. 

Report Views

The report views allow you to chop and change the information shown on the screen and let you create personalised reports and save different views. This will let you access information in the most convenient way.

Go to Reports Menu and click on Report Views. The Report Views feature is the best-kept secret in Exo Payroll, enjoy using it!

How Get Most Of MYOB Exo reports

ExoGrids Multiple Column Sort

Go to ExoGrids, click on the first column heading and hold down the Shift key and click on the second. This should allow you to sort any information by categories in the different columns in ExoGrids.

Job Costing Lock Columns

This feature will keep help avoid accidental changes in your columns. Go to Job Costing, set your column widths and enable lock so no one can change or tamper with it. Don’t forget to right-click on the header and select Save column settings.

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