Implementing MYOB Advanced In Your Business 

Implementing MYOB Advanced

Are you planning to implement MYOB Advanced for your business? Have you already chosen an implementation partner? MYOB Advanced is used by thousands of companies across Australia. This cloud ERP solution is the preferred choice of businesses across industries. It features a variety of modules ranging from accounting to payroll solutions and a lot more. When it comes to implementing this ERP solution, the most important thing that matters is the implementation partner.

Keep in mind that only the accredited implementation partners have the required knowledge and training to ensure a stress-free implementation within your budget. This cloud-first ERP solution requires the right team for implementation. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing an MYOB Advanced implementation partner.

Implementation Experience

Every industry has different requirements. You should choose a partner who has completed a few implementations in your industry and has worked with a company of your size and complexity.

Team Size

There are dozens of MYOB accredited implementation partners. Some are really big teams that may not have enough bandwidth to care about a single client whereas others are small enough to not have the required manpower for catering to the needs of a medium-sized business. In short, the size of the implementation team matters. Make sure that they have enough resources to cater to your requirements including any unexpected changes.


Some implementation partners have teams for a variety of ERP solutions. They may look big enough from the outside but when you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that the team for the implementation of MYOB Advanced isn’t as big as it should be. Your focus should be on choosing a team that is big enough for your business and has the required expertise in your industry to allow a seamless implementation. Ideally, you should choose a partner who is dedicated to MYOB products.

Implementation Methodology

Choose a partner with a tried and tested implementation methodology. They should take a structured approach to implement various modules. Their proposal should have concrete timelines to achieve certain tasks yet they should have the flexibility to accept any changes, as the implementation progresses.

Implementing MYOB Advanced

Comparing Proposals

When you get an implementation proposal from an accredited partner, check it carefully to find out what is included and what is missing in the process. It is common to overlook certain important aspects of implementation. Make sure the proposal includes everything. Some of the more important things you should look at include the following:

  • Responsibility for data conversion
  • User acceptance testing
  • Whether it includes user training
  • Project management
  • Report creation
  • Integration with other solutions
  • Whether they need internal resources
  • Post-implementation support
  • Pricing

Consider all these things to make an informed decision. Some partners may not provide enough assistance with user training. There is a lot of standard reporting functionality in MYOB Advanced but every business is different and has different reporting requirements. Not all proposals will include custom reports. 

Make sure you check out the number of customised dashboards that are going to be provided as part of the implementation process. If you need this system to be integrated with a third-party solution, make sure it is part of the implementation process.

Some partners may assume that you will have some internal resources earmarked for the project. However, most small to medium-sized businesses do not have the required bandwidth to spare resources for assistance during implementation. Make sure this is clearly outlined in the proposal.

Post-Implementation Support

MYOB Advanced is a complex system and you will need post-implementation support to get the most out of the system. As part of the proposal, you should also ask for a detailed understanding of the support you can expect from the partner. This should include the support process, method of reaching out to support, the experience of the support team, escalation process, response times, support hours and other important items.

Final Thoughts

Overall, MYOB Advanced implementation is a time-consuming process. Typically, it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months for a complete implementation. There are dozens of MYOB accredited implementation partners but not everyone is right for every business. Make sure you choose a partner with relevant expertise and experience in your industry and a business of your size. Carefully go through the implementation proposal to make sure that you will get the expected level of support during and after the implementation.

Stratus group is a dedicated MYOB enterprise partner with more than 15 years of experience. We are completely focused on MYOB solutions and as a platinum partner, we are regularly used by MYOB during the development and testing of new software features. Our flexible and ever-evolving implementation methodology is focused on getting things right the first time and providing maximum value to our customers at minimum costs. We have dedicated teams for implementation, development, sales and support and we believe in providing world-class post-implementation support to our customers.

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