Is MYOB Advanced Hard To Use?

Is MYOB Advanced Hard To Use

Managing a business and running a tight operation is difficult so you need good people and reliable tools, like an ERP system, to rely on.

And when it comes to ERP systems, there are many to choose from today. However, selecting one that will match your companies needs now and in the future can be overwhelming, even for IT experts.

MYOB Advanced is one of the most popular and dependable ERP systems in the market today. Most MYOB users and buyers are intimidated by it because it is a new innovation of the MYOB systems.

And like any other new technology, we get intimidated by things we have not tried yet. Is MYOB Advanced really that hard to use? The answer is no, and here’s why.

MYOB Advance Doesn’t Need A Server To Host It

MYOB Advanced is a software just like a SaaS system. You do not need a server to host it. There is no need to install an SQL database so you get to save time and money and avoid complicated setups associated with host servers.

All you need is a reliable internet connection so you can access the system through Google Chrome or through the app on your devices.

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MYOB Is Best Suited for Mid To Large Businesses

For large-scale operations where more than one person is needed to complete one task or when different departments need access to different sections of the ERP system, MYOB Advanced is the perfect tool.

Segregation of duties in the MYOB Advanced system is more defined so several key employees can have access, making it more flexible.

This is a more realistic system because larger companies have different departments that have to work together for a successful business operation. This flexibility gives the software room for growth.

MYOB Advanced Does Not Need A License

There is no need to pay for the whole license of the ERP system. You can choose the functions of the system that you need for your business and pay a monthly subscription for them. You only pay for the functions you use. You can add more as the need arises. 

MYOB Advanced Simplifies Complex Management Functions

MYOB Advanced puts all management tasks and functions into one single software platform so you and your key personnel can access them on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Because information flows between functions and different departments, duplication of effort and errors are reduced. It allows for better exchange and sharing of information between departments.

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You Do Not Need An Accounting Background 

One does not need an accounting background to operate and use the software. It is user-friendly and if there are functions that are hard to navigate, it comes with a training manual.

We at the STRATUS Consulting have consultants ready to assist you if things get challenging for you or your employees. We have IT experts, accountants, analysts, and other professionals ready to lend their expertise to help you navigate and use the software to your advantage.

MYOB Advance software offers a more flexible platform to manage a complex business operation. Make your life easier and your employees happy. Check out the features and benefits of using MYOB Advanced and let us know what you think.

If you are having a hard time deciding which system is best for your business needs, give us a call so our MYOB consultants can guide you on what will work best for your business setup.

We are accredited and experienced MYOB Australia/NZ Enterprise Partners with a dedicated team of business, accounting and IT Consultants who are passionate about helping Australian businesses grow.

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