Main Features Of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition

Main Features MYOB Advanced Construction Edition

If you’re a construction company owner, then you know how hard it is to manage finances and projects. However, with MYOB Advanced Construction Edition, your business will run smoother than ever before! You’ll be able to keep track of each project and invoice in one place so that everything gets done properly and on time. Your financial reports will be accurate and easy to read, so you’ll always have clear insight into what’s going on in your business. Best of all-Stratus Consulting offers this software at an affordable price!

If you’d like to learn more about MYOB Advanced Construction Edition and what some of its main features are, feel free to continue exploring our article below!

What Is The Construction Edition Of MYOB Advanced?

Construction is a tough business. The materials can be expensive so you need to be very careful with your money. You’ll also need help managing projects, tracking expenses, and generating reports because it’s easy for these things to get lost or forgotten in all the hustle-and-bustle. That’s where MYOB Advanced Construction Edition comes into play! 

This powerful software allows contractors to easily track their time while providing reliable estimates for bids; manage customer payments against outstanding invoices; create purchase orders with specific details about what they’re going to buy together, and more. 

Putting a great accounting system together is no easy task, but MYOB Advanced Construction Edition gives you the tools to give your company the best possible opportunity for success. This version of MYOB Advanced has everything that’s necessary by including features like an estimator tool that will help make sure projects are planned out accurately before they even get started. This ensures that there isn’t any money wasted on unforeseen expenses or overruns in time frames.

Main Features MYOB Advanced Construction Edition

What Are The Main Features Of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition?

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition is the future of accounting software and is the most powerful construction management software on the market today. It provides multiple functions for accurate data transfer and analysis, from a single company database to custom reporting groups. In this article, we will be tackling the following features of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition:

  1. Project Management Workspace
  2. Daily Field Report
  3. Drawing Log
  4. Construction Workspace
  5. Compliance Management
  6. Project Balances

Project Management Workspace

MYOB’s Advanced Construction Edition Project Management Workspace is a great tool for any contractor. It allows users to manage projects, organise tasks with custom fields and sets of values, set up task dependencies, assign resources and create alerts no matter if they are working on-site or in the office!

MYOB has also created an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed anywhere by laptop, tablet, or smartphone which makes it handy whether you’re at your desk managing 20 different jobs from one location or out onsite overseeing construction as part of daily operations.

Daily Field Report

The daily field report for MYOB Advanced Construction Edition is a life-saving feature that allows you to keep track of what your company has been up to. It provides an all-inclusive summary in one place so there’s no need to waste time sorting through each individual project separately anymore! It will also allow you to keep track of all costs and expenses incurred on job sites with ease. 

Drawing Log

The drawing log is a reliable feature that gives you quick access to old plans during emergencies or unusual events like unforeseen weather changes when you need alternate floor layouts quickly. This feature lets users create new drawings by archiving their old one as well as store measurements from these archived files if necessary. This allows users to recreate the drawing based on exact dimensions without having anything else available! 

Main Features MYOB Advanced Construction Edition

Construction Workspace

MYOB has released their latest version of their construction software with an all-new construction workspace that will help you better manage projects through different stages from start to finish. You can use this workspace to track your on-site jobs, view progress reports and work orders, check for mistakes or updates needed throughout the project’s life cycle, and more! 

With tools like viewing job statuses as well as receiving notifications about any changes made during production time or completion date alterations, the construction workplace should make constructing buildings much easier than it used to be.

Compliance Management

Implementing a compliance management system is not easy, but MYOB Advanced Construction Edition makes it possible. This program helps you stay compliant with all necessary regulations and standards by providing extensive tools for monitoring the business from every angle. This feature allows you to access several programs that will help monitor everything going on in order to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Project Balances

The project balances feature is MYOB’s newest and most innovative feature because it helps you manage all those pesky business calculations for future projects with ease. The project balance feature provides a detailed overview of your projected income, expenses, assets, liabilities at any date in the future. You can even calculate depreciation rates across different calendars (i.e., monthly vs quarterly)!


MYOB Advanced Construction Edition is the best construction accounting software available. With all of its features, you are sure to find a way to simplify your business and make it more profitable! If you need help with which option would work best for your company’s needs, our team of experts can give you advice on what plan is right for you. Contact us today so we can get started making this year even better than last year!

At Stratus Group, our MYOB consultants do not just provide you with the software, we also provide expert knowledge and support. We will make sure that your MYOB software is implemented properly and will work with you directly at all times during the whole process to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We also provide after-implementation support and assistance.

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