With a Cloud ERP

Manufacturing In An All-In-One System

Forecasting, planning, finance and sales in one central system will give the visibility you need to control all areas of your business.

If you're using spreadsheets and 3rd party software to manage your manufacturing process then you're risking errors in data entry and wasted time using more than one application.

Modern cloud-based ERP systems offer you all the tools you need in a competitive manufacturing environment.
All these and more can be yours at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise software.

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Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)

Manage your inventory and know what to order and when!

Don't run out of the materials you need - let the ERP system prompt you to re-order based on your planned production and supplier lead times

Still using Excel to manage your materials or worse still... walking the bays and doing manual checks? Running out of key materials can be costly and damage your reputation or eat into your margins. MRP processes will automate this and ensure you know well in advance when you need to order.

Production Schedule

Production Schedule

Plan your production to meet customer demands and hit promised dates.

Easily and visually schedule your production orders on a calendar style board. Let the system schedule for you or adjust as required with the option to set some orders as FIRM so they can't be moved.

Full Traceability

Track product batches and expiry dates for sensitive products like food and chemicals or in construction materials

Avoid wastage and spoilage and ensure compliance with full traceability from source through to finished products.

Food Production - Checking Batch
Clock In Out Screen

Measure Productivity

Track your staff productivity and see who is performing or if there are troublesome products

With integrated shop floor data capture you can track your employee time and productivity. Capture production volumes against shifts and include these into your product costs.

Manufacturing success with Kurrajong Kitchen and MYOB Advanced


Works Orders

Create complex works orders including consumables and labour to manufacture as many items as you need for stock or customer orders.

Real-Time Stock Intelligence

Manufacturing with a 360 degree view has never been easier with fully integrated inventory so you can see how much of an item you can produce there and then.

Batch & Serial Tracking

Easily allocate batch items to manufactured items automatically or consume batch tracked raw materials in a production run.

Real-Time Reporting

Interactive widgets, dashboards and reports keep your finger on the pulse to easily track inventory, raw materials and production progress in real-time.


Case Study


Marechal Electric Australia

Business Objective

A new accounting package with strong business intelligence capabilities. Ability to track stock at the component level. Easy to learn and use.


​MYOB EXO with professional services provided by Stratus affiliate, Bizpro

Business Benefits

Increased flexibility to fill customer orders thanks to component level reporting. More accurate details of parts availability leading to improved customer satisfaction. Strong business intelligence capabilities, including the ability to import and export to Excel.



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