MYOB Apps For Advanced Reporting 

MYOB Apps For Advanced Reporting 

Are you already using MYOB Advanced? Do you want to further enhance the functionality of MYOB? If so, you should know that there are a number of MYOB apps available in the MYOB marketplace that can be used for a variety of purposes including advanced reporting and more. 

Here is a list of a few of these apps that can be downloaded and added to MYOB to help you with advanced reporting.

1). Calxa Premier

This is an ideal app for businesses that have complex reporting needs. If you have complex budget and forecasting requirements and want to move away from manual processing of spreadsheets, this is the one you need. 

It has more than 50 pre-built reports but you also have the flexibility to create more of your own. With this app you will get all the reports you want with just a few clicks every single month. It also works for multi-tier organisations as multiple files can be consolidated into a single report as per the requirement. It is also a great app for cash flow forecasting and it allows you to compare cash flow situations for a variety of scenarios.

2). Castaway

This is one of the more powerful three-way forecasting, business modelling and budgeting tools. It offers a variety of reports and customisable dashboards that present all the right data in order to help the managers and business owners make informed decisions. It allows you to work out the financial impact of a number of scenarios and you can do financial modelling for years in advance. 

This app was developed as a standalone tool which means it doesn’t need to be linked to MYOB or any other accounting package but when you are using MYOB, you can import actual data or opening balances in order to perform financial modelling with just a few mouse clicks. This app will ensure that your cash flow reports, balance sheet and profit and loss reports are always in sync.

MYOB Apps For Advanced Reporting 

3). Calxa Express

This app is designed for small businesses needing reliable cash flow forecasting for years ahead. This helps businesses in preparing their loan applications. This app is appropriate for small businesses that need better cash flow management as well as for bookkeepers who want to offer more to their clients. 

With this app, you get more than 50 standard reports and various standard KPIs such as inventory turnover days, debt ratio, wages turnover and a number of other things.

4). BI4Cloud

As the name suggests, it is a business intelligence tool with more than 50 pre-built reports including accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, jobs, inventory, sales and purchasing and a number of others. It also gives you the flexibility to design your own dashboards. 

It’s a business intelligence tool which means you can use it to visualise data in a variety of forms with just a few clicks. You can also set up email alerts in case of exceptions and since it’s a cloud-based app, you can access all the data with a web browser from anywhere in the world.

5). Cerebiz Budget

If you’re searching for a budgeting app, you should seriously consider this app. It will save a lot of time as you can easily turn projections into budgets and forecasts. 

Fine-tuning budget figures is never easy but with the help of this app, you will save a lot of time as it allows you to fine-tune the figures by amount or percentages for individual accounts as well as a group of accounts. You can also test out a number of scenarios.

MYOB Apps For Advanced Reporting 

6). Fathom

This is an app that is designed to provide simple financial analysis with just a few clicks. You can easily track all the KPIs and metrics you want to track and get deeper insights into the financial position of your business. You can also create consolidated reports for multiple organisations for more than 50 currencies.

While these are some of the more popular apps, there are a number of other apps available in their marketplace including Excel Report Link, Imperium Cash Basis Reporting, Vigilance, Database Report Writer, Budget Link, Ento, Easy Trace, and AutoEntry among others. In short, there is no lack of MYOB apps for advanced reporting and you should be able to find an app for almost anything.


To summarise, there are a number of MYOB apps available for advanced reporting. In addition to advanced reporting, you can also get apps for a variety of other tasks such as email marketing, engineering, network security, manufacturing, loyalty rewards and a number of other categories. 

MYOB is a powerful system in itself but with the help of these apps, you can further enhance the usability of data already available in MYOB to make your business processes much more efficient and productive.

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