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MYOB Exo to the Cloud

Ready to move from MYOB Exo to a Cloud Solution?

Stratus can help you every step of the way
Selecting the right solution is just the beginning.
The talented team at Stratus can help make the move as painless as possible, help you retain your valuable data and make a true cloud based, whole of business ERP a reality.



Top 7 Reasons to move to a modern cloud based system.

There are many reasons a business may want to move to a cloud-based system - and surprisingly some of these have nothing to do with the actual cloud hosting itself. If you tick any of these boxes, then this may be the right time to move:

  • Managing an on-premise server has become difficult and expensive requiring constant updates, costly maintenance and support and risks from backups failing
  • The current server is at end of life or outgrown and replacement is costly - can be 20-30k plus.
  • Investment in new features in MYOB Exo would now be limited and not keeping up with modern software that’s available. Many areas that have required customisation in the past would be standard in a modern package.
  • Ease of use is difficult for new staff as most would be used to web based software these days.
  • Integration to third party apps is becoming more important and is difficult with an on-premise system.
  • You are looking to implement new modules like CRM and Marketing and need these to be easily accessible and functional
  • Features you need now are not available or require further customisation and investment.

What about my Data? I've been using this system for years!

Stratus are your data conversion experts and will ensure you don't lose the data you need.

We have been working with MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced for years and have built out tools to ensure we can easily migrate your data.

Don't worry, we don't just dump everything across the way it is. If you are making the effort to move systems it's the best time to clean up your data, ditch old records you don't need and ensure it's all setup in a format that makes sense.

Multiple cloud solutions available.

​The choice is yours.

MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced is a class-leading cloud ERP for growing businesses.

This robust, access-anywhere solution can run companies of any size and incorporates modules for sales, projects, warehousing and payroll without the cost and resources involved in the upkeep of a server and internal IT infrastructure. We also have industry editions such as Manufacturing and Construction.

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Microsoft Dynamics BC

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a fully integrated mid tier solution that incorporates all your key modules in one.

With a rich feature-set for CRM and sales, complex finance management for businesses with multiple entities and deep inventory capabilities Microsoft BC also integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft products such as Office 365.

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