MYOB Exo – Your Complete Accounting Solution And More

The typical business accounting system is a complex process that involves a lot of processes that needs to work flawlessly. It is one of the most important systems in running smooth operations and in achieving your business goals.

MYOB Exo provides the right tools in one software solution so you can manage the business, grow your operations and keep track of every moving part.

Stay in total control by having the best accounting assistant any business professional can ask for – MYOB Exo. Manage your accounting system accurately and efficiently by minimising accounting errors that cost your business a lot of money.

Key Benefits

  • Custom security and user access. You can control who gets to have access to different levels of information. You can also make restrictions on any part of the system. This means that only authorised personnel is able to access essential information so you get to keep your data secure.
  • Unlimited process and reporting for different departments, cost centres and many others.
  • Easy to use payroll system that guides the user through the whole process. In this case, you do not need to be an accountant to access and use payroll-related procedures and reports. It is a user-friendly process that cuts down your labour requirements and gets the job done accurately. Payroll is one of the most delicate and important parts of any accounting system and the whole business operations. Employees easily get frustrated and dissatisfied when there are errors and delays in their wages. Payroll is a big factor in a company’s attrition and overall performance.
  • Downloadable updates online. Because the MYOB Exo system is cloud-based, updates of the software can easily be accessed and done online. It is a quick and simple process.
  • Full integration of important personnel files, attendance and other data for an efficient HR management solution.
  • Centralised database.
  • Customisable reports and ledgers.

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A True One-Stop-Shop For Accountants

With MYOB Exo, you can have all your financial information in one place using easy to follow formats and easy to navigate menus and reports.

  • Financial Visibility – You can easily view and access any financial information anywhere you are. MYOB Exo offers a wide range of dashboards and reports for instant visibility.
  • Financial Review – There is no need to visit your accountant’s office just to review financial reports and check your business health. You can access any reports through the MYOB Exo software on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Systems Integrity – the system includes a reconciliation dashboard so you can do transactional data verification, status updates, and other reports that will ensure the accuracy and integrity of your whole accounting system. It comes with indicators that will tell you if there are issues concerning your data or if all is well. The system will allow you to go straight to the issue and identify the variance right away.

Why Is MYOB Exo Good For Business?

  • You can automate manual processes – Manual systems are prone to errors, some can be costly. As you grow your business, you want to minimise accounting errors, save time, use less personnel, and save money. You can remove unproductive tasks, remove or reduce bottlenecks in the system, and reduce human errors significantly.
  • You can have more control – By having all essential data in one system, you can see the bigger picture and control every little detail of the business operations. As a business owner and accountant, you can take comfort in knowing that you will not miss any important details. You are in total control.
  • Enjoy significant savings – With MYOB Exo, you do not just save money on time, personnel and processes, you can also make accurate projections, get a good insight on your costs and profitability, and improve your forecasting so you can take preventive measures and improve certain steps and methods so you can reduce errors and expenses and make more profits.

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Not sure if MYOB Exo is right for you? Let our MYOB specialists guide you and help you explore the ways it can make your life easier. MYOB Exo can be customised and configured to meet your business needs and requirements. MYOB Exo is more than just an accounting solution, it is a complete business solution.

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