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Stratus Development Solutions & Add-Ons

Stratus Consulting specialise in providing mid tier All-in-One solutions to our clients to manage your entire business on one platform. Our software solutions such as MYOB Advanced, Microsoft Business Central, Wiise and MYOB Exo are feature rich but sometimes add-on solutions are recommended to compliment your core software

Add-on solutions provide highly specialised and best of breed options where a generic solution may not be enough. This can be for a specific integration, specialised function or to provide more automated processes over and above the core solution.

We also have teams of developers working across Australia so, if we have yet to imagine and build it, talk to us about what you need today. We can offer custom developement services to provide you with a solution that meets your exact needs.

Horizon Assignar integration for MYOB Exo

The integration enables the client to send data from MYOB Exo to Assignar so your company can seamlessly manage whole projects - from quoting, scheduling, invoicing and payroll - within the 2 platforms. Both systems are updated in real-time, allowing easy interaction between the accounting and operations teams.


Track-POD is an advanced delivery software featuring an electronic proof of delivery app, an all-in-one mobile solution for efficient real-time driver performance monitoring and delivery confirmation. This unique paperless delivery system also works as a route planning software for arranging multiple deliveries with ease. Track-POD outstanding features include GPS vehicle tracking, Sign on Glass, instant delivery notification, and electronic proof of delivery (e-POD). It can easily capture signatures and photographs on your digital delivery note templates to confirm that the delivery was successful.

EzyCollect - Accounts Receivable Made Easy

Only ezyCollect gives you an end-to-end solution to revolutionise team efficiency and customer experience from invoice-to-payment. Close more payments. Collect more money. Create more time.

ezyCollect automatically and effectively chases late payments, leaving you to get on with running your business. Automate your entire debt collection process with a programmed series of emails, letters, SMS and prompted phone calls all the way to a solicitor's letter.

Integrated with both MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced ezyCollect also features advanced features such as a payment gateway and "Pay Now" button, Credit Monitoring and Alerting as well as easy scheduled payment portal for your customers.

Horizon Concur Import for MYOB Exo

Horizon Development team’s integration closes the loop between MYOB Exo and Concur; allowing people to purchase in either system, receive, match and approve the invoices in Concur and easily import the invoices into MYOB Exo when approved for payment – dramatically reducing the processing time for each invoice received by Accounts Payable.

Bizpro Exo Link for Retail Manager

The Exo link module has been designed as an integration tool to allow communication and synchronisation of data between retail stores using MYOB Retail Manager (RM) and a head office using MYOB Exo Business.

Horizon Purchase Order Requisition

Do you want to have more control over your spending? Our Purchase Requisitions add-on for MYOB Exo Business gives you greater control over purchases in your business.

Horizon 4 Hire Rental Solution

Feature packed Horizon’s 4Hire manages all aspects of the hiring process. Seamlessly integrated with the MYOB Exo Business Suite, it gives you complete control of your hiring operation – keeping you more informed, helping to deliver outstanding customer service, avoid headaches and save money.

Horizon List Sync

Using our Email Marketing List integration for MYOB Exo Business we can now integrate your Exo contacts with both Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp to greatly simplify your email marketing campaigns. Our tool lets you sync any number of extra fields on contacts, even linked back through to the company that they belong to. Segment your emails by Company Type, Yearly Spend or Customer Group.


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