Why Accountants Prefer Using MYOB Advanced

Why Accountants Prefer Using MYOB Advanced

Have you been wondering why MYOB Advanced is the preferred choice of accountants? Do you know why MYOB Advanced is used by thousands of businesses across Australia? MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based business automation tool that allows you to run your business much more efficiently with its many features and attractive pricing. Here are a few things you need to know about this tool and why it’s the right choice for your business.

Intuitive Interface

There are many accounting packages out there but most of those packages are extremely complex to use, and it takes several months of training for a new user to become comfortable with a new system. On the other hand, this accounting package doesn’t require training as it has been designed from the ground up keeping the end-user requirements in mind. Even though it has a simple to use interface, it can be used for generating all kinds of reports to help you make informed business decisions. Think of it as a competitive advantage that gives you a complete view of your business at the click of a few buttons.

Cloud-based Scalable Solution

A big benefit of MYOB Advanced is that it is cloud-based which means it can be easily scaled up or down as per your business requirements. You do not need to invest in specific hardware in order to take advantage of its many features as it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Also, MYOB Advanced is available in many editions which means you can choose a particular edition based on your requirements and only pay for the features you require.

Why Accountants Prefer Using MYOB Advanced

Project Accounting and Cost Tracking

As mentioned above, it is a complete automation package that also features project accounting and cost tracking. These features allow you to generate completely accurate business reports. It also includes automated billing, transaction allocations and various other features that make project accounting extremely accurate and easy. Similarly, it allows you to track costs related to a particular project, at any time.

Various Methods of Valuation

One of the biggest reasons many businesses are forced to stick to a particular accounting package is that the cost of transfer to another software is extremely high as upgrading the software every time is expensive. This particular package features a variety of valuation methods and since it’s cloud-based software, you do not need to worry about upgrades as everything happens at the back end. If you have been using a particular valuation method but want to switch to a different method, it is extremely easy with this software package.

Streamline Taxes

This software package also allows you to easily calculate as well as track GST. Also, it features in a CRM package that allows you to organise your CRM processes. One of the most useful functions for small to medium-sized businesses is its payroll reporting function which streamlines payment of employee taxes as the software is directly connected to the Australian Taxation Office. There is no need for you to invest in a separate software or separate service for payroll reporting.

Excellent Support

No matter how user-friendly any software package is, users are always going to need help for a particular function or for various reasons. This is why, users get access to live support, at any time. With this software package, you also get access to support from experts 24 x 7.


To conclude, it is one of the most powerful accounting packages you can buy today to take your business to the next level. It packs in all the features you need to streamline your business processes, take care of taxes, payroll management, inventory management, project accounting, cost tracking, and a variety of other features. Strauss Group is an accredited MYOB partner and we have helped many businesses take complete advantage of the features MYOB Advanced has to offer.

Our MYOB consultants do not just provide you with the software, we also provide expert knowledge and support. We will make sure that your MYOB Advanced software is implemented properly. We will work with you directly at all times during the whole process to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We also provide after-implementation support and assistance.

Take your business to the next level. With the business world facing so many uncertainties, simplify and protect your processes. Upgrade your system to MYOB Advanced now and get ahead of the competition.

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