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Exo Business

Everything You Need For Your Business In One Solution

MYOB Exo Business is a fully integrated ERP accounting software designed to run all areas of your business, not just the accounts. There is an integrated module and function for Accounting, Customer relationship management (CRM), Inventory Management, Job Costing, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Analytics, and Reporting.

Everything you need in one solution

By providing a unified view of the internal and external factors affecting your business, MYOB Exo Business gives you direct access to the 'big picture' information you need to make critical business decisions.

Stop running your business with add-ons, spreadsheets and manual entry of data. MYOB Exo Business is the accounting package you've been looking for, implemented by Stratus Consulting Group – your local Partner.

Who is MYOB Exo Suitable For?

Exo Business is an ERP management system that’s perfectly suited to almost every type of organisation.

We have companies in all industries who need accounting software, CRM software, retail software, remote access to sales, iPad apps for remote access including replacement to MYOB Add Ons and custom MYOB development.

As you grow your business your requirements become more complex. MYOB Exo Business will allow your staff to be more productive instead of double handling data between add-ons.

Our EXO Customers

Most of our customers require:

  • A large number of users across multiple locations
  • Stricter control over the general ledger
  • Graphical visibility via management dashboards into how your business is performing
  • Advanced stock management across multiple warehouse locations
  • Fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Importing of stock from overseas suppliers
  • Management of jobs, including, quoting, labour charges, tracking and reporting
  • Assembly of goods
  • High volume of transactions.