Tips For Moving To The Cloud With MYOB Advanced ERP Software

Tips Moving To Cloud MYOB Advanced ERP Software

Harnessing the latest technologies to handle sales, inventory, procurement, client relations and other business operations is already a vital differentiating factor for small and medium businesses. However, the software and hardware solutions that businesses have to leverage to stay ahead of the competition are not getting any cheaper. Therefore, cloud solutions such as MYOB Advanced have become the most viable technology for most of these companies.

What Benefits Does Cloud ERP Offer Businesses?

Moving your ERP to the cloud involves working with a cloud provider that can host the infrastructure and applications that support your companies’ operations. You can access these resources through the web from any location. ERP cloud-based solutions such as MYOB Advanced offer many benefits, including:

  • Remote Access: Cloud-based resources can be accessed through the web, allowing remote access and collaboration.
  • Scalability: You can expand your cloud ERP to include new applications, users and offices without incurring significant additional costs.
  • Low-Cost Investment: Where Software as a Service (SaaS) and ERP combine, opportunities arise for businesses to leverage advanced technology at significantly lower costs. Businesses don’t have to purchase or maintain costly software and servers to use MYOB Advanced.  They can also benefit from economies of scale by allowing providers to maintain their cloud infrastructure.
  • Integration: The platform offers a centralized database, and combines multiple applications, including human resource management, finance and accounting, supply chain management, and CRM systems. It supports real-time monitoring of various activities and performance, allowing managers to analyse data, gather business intelligence, and make informed decisions to improve performance and growth.

Tips Moving To  Cloud MYOB Advanced ERP Software

Tips For Transitioning To The Cloud With MYOB Advanced

1). Establish Your Technical Requirements

Begin by establishing your technical requirements. What business applications are you looking to integrate? Maybe you want to unify different inventory management systems, financial management solutions, or client relationship management software. It’s important to ensure that the MYOB product you choose matches the structure of your business, for instance, if you operate multiple branches or offices. Don’t forget to assess the product’s capabilities for in-depth data analysis and coverage of your entire company.

2). Review The Product Documentation

Look into the cloud ERP product specification and check for things like system architecture. Find out where the cloud ERP stores your business data and what security measures are used to keep the data safe. Also, consider the product’s disaster recovery options as well as business continuity safeguards.

3). Customer Support

When transitioning to the cloud with an ERP provider, it’s critical to consider the type of customer support or assistance offered by the provider. Do they have a dedicated customer care representative who can answer your calls for technical assistance or guidance?

4). Pricing Structure

Be sure to check the pricing structure of your MYOB Advanced product. How much will you be paying per user, per month? What’s the max number of users that can use the system at any given time, and can you scale up operations where necessary?

5). Read The Fine Print

Before entering into an agreement with a cloud ERP provider, it is important to read the fine print of the contract so you know about the specific products you are signing up for, and their respective terms and conditions. 

Why MYOB Advanced Is The Best Cloud ERP Service Provider

MYOB Advanced offers the software integrations solutions that many small and medium business enterprises are looking for in cloud-based ERP. MYOB Advanced can help to streamline business operations to boost productivity, efficiency and growth. Working with an MYOB Advanced partner can help make the transition to cloud ERP easier and seamless. 

As an MYOB Advanced official partner, Stratus Group can help your business implement Cloud ERP solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our MYOB consultants do not just provide you with the software, we also provide expert knowledge and support. We will make sure that your MYOB Advanced software is implemented properly. We will work with you directly at all times during the whole process to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We also provide after-implementation support and assistance.

Take your business to the next level. With the business world facing so many uncertainties, simplify and protect your processes. Upgrade your system to MYOB Advanced now and get ahead of the competition.

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